AGV and 7-axis cobot: 7 advantages at a glance

Automated assembling of twisting machines with yarn packages – developed together with Saurer Technologies

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Solution of AGV and 7-axis cobot automates the loading of twisting machines with cylindrical or conical cross-wound packages

Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG developed in collaboration with the project Automation & Consulting GmbH an Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV). This is equipped with a magazine and a handling system. A 7-axis cobot is integrated in this solution. This cobot is installed on a linear axis which makes it extremely mobile. This enables the cobot to load the twisting machines with packages at different heights.

The advantages

  • Less workload for the employees: until now, these heavy packages had to be replaced in a manual operation – now this is done by the cobot installed on the AGV.
  • Clearly structured automated material flows
  • Material traceability
  • Less dependent on staff availability
  • Maximum product quality because the packages are handled gently
  • No mixing of materials
  • Reduced personnel costs