“Get a grip” – finding the best right gripper system in automation

project Automation & Consulting develops customised solutions

[rt_reading_time label="Reading time:" postfix="Minutes" postfix_singular="Minute"] - Excerpt from the newsletter 11/2022

Whether you are dealing with paint rollers or bags with adhesive, fertiliser or cement, you really need to “get a grip” when it comes to final packaging. “Standard grippers for things like clamping and suctioning are not very spectacular. Adapted gripper systems are much more impressive and really spice up many automated solutions”, says Holger Hoffrichter, Head of Electrical Engineering at project A&C.

What he is talking about are solutions that combine several gripper types. “Integrating these intelligently in an overall solution is the real challenge! An example could be an empty pallet gripper or interim layer gripper”. The different grippers need to be all-rounders that can go beyond their own gripping task and simultaneously tackle a number of important functions! 

  • One multifunctional gripping head is, for example, our jalousie gripping head with integrated suction grippers for picking up intermediate layers. At our customer Refresco, this enables palletising beverage six packs and handling of intermediate layers with a single gripper. Curious about? Then check out this video clip >>> details


  • We have even customers e.g. in the building materials industry, where we combined three gripper types. The basis of this solution is a pliers gripping head for bag palletising. This was then supplemented with four suction grippers for holding intermediate layers and a clamping gripper for picking up pallets. >>> video

And that’s just two from a whole range of examples! We would be more than happy to making you benefit from our expertise in the development of grippers and so making your automation projects more efficient. Please contact Managing Director Ingo Rathmann and his team at info@project-ac.de.