We introduce: Our managing director Ingo Rathmann

[rt_reading_time label="Lesedauer:" postfix="Minuten" postfix_singular="Minute"] - Excerpt from the newsletter 02/2022

Ingo Rathmann (33) has been with the project group for over ten years. Born in Borken, Münsterland, he moved to Bocholt after completing his secondary education where he commenced mechatronics studies. His first contact with project was at the end of his studies when he completed three months of practical experience at our facility in Kranenburg while also writing his bachelor thesis here. He was appointed Managing Director of the newly established project Automation & Consulting GmbH in 2021, a spin-off within the group that focuses on engineering and planning. He answered a few personal questions put by the project Newsletter editors.

Coffee or tea?

Favourite sportsperson?
Michael Schumacher!

Favourite subject in school? And the least favourite?
Unsurprisingly, I thought engineering mechanics was great! My focus in the final secondary school exam was on mechanical engineering. What I really did not like was, for example, biology.

Your first holiday job?
Dog sitter for the neighbour’s dog, a Munsterlander.

I’ve got quite a few! For example, I always make sure the metal band in the Covid-19 mask is centred exactly. Or in the evening, I always need to flick through the TV stations one more time before going to bed.

Which well-known people would you like to meet?
Elon Musk could be exciting. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about his space project.

Your favourite food as a child?
Green pea stew!

What really annoys you?
I’m generally a relatively patient person. But I hate having to repeat things three times...

Did you ever design or build anything as a child or adolescent?
When I was 15, I completely dismantled my moped and then put it back together again – except for three screws!

What’s your opinion regarding more women in engineering?
Fantastic! I’d also like more women on my team, and I can only encourage girls and women to apply to work with us. By the way, we’re looking for women and men at the moment for programming and software development and both mechanical and electrical design. 

What could you learn from your daughter?
I’m really impressed by her enormous curiosity, the openness she shows towards everything new and her neutral approach to things – and also making things easy! As engineers, programmers and planners, we are continually solving problems, I mean in the sense that customers expect solutions from us for really tricky challenges. It’s essential to have an open-minded approach in this respect!