Niklas Meisters is the new Head of mechanical Design

A team of 14 employees

A “home-grown talent” – Niklas Meisters – became the new Head of mechanical Design at project Automation & Consulting GmbH in February 2023. He will manage his own team of 14 colleagues within Ingo Rathmann’s team. Ingo Rathmann, who previously held this position in conjunction with his duties as Managing Director, welcomed the personnel change: “I’m delighted that Niklas has taken on this task. He has been part of the company since 2016, having started as a trainee and then completing his bachelor’s and master’s theses while with us. He worked for a few months as a technical product designer and, from 2017, was employed as a mechanical engineer”. A native of North Rhine-Westphalia, Niklas Meisters is a cinema fan in his leisure time and a passionate supporter of the Schalke04 football club. He also likes to attend concerts from the band Slipknot – and he has demonstrated a great deal of dedication and commitment in his new role:  “I’ve always been fascinated by mechanical engineering. At project, my team has a wonderful opportunity to support a multitude of different customers from a variety of sectors and, indeed, from different countries. Our approach to each project needs to be individual, and this makes my job very enjoyable.”

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